Social Media Marketing

Your customers are using social media every day, it’s time to reach as many as possible through social media advertising.

With nearly 3 billion people using social media, your target market is waiting to be found. We help you find those who are ready to spend money on your products and services, searching across multiple platforms to deliver the best conversion rates possible.

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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

From setting up your page to retargeting campaigns, installing tracking pixels to paid advertisements, our team do it all. We maximise opportunities on the world’s biggest social media platform to grow new sales revenues for your business.

Instagram Marketing

A creative platform requires a creative approach to social media marketing. We use our knowledge of paid adverts and Instagram influencers to identify the best way to grow brand awareness and sales opportunities for your business.

LinkedIn Management

Are you using the world’s biggest B2B network effectively? Is your profile or business page optimised for its search function? Our talent team of LinkedIn users can demonstrate your leadership in key areas, run paid adverts, or rewrite staff profiles for maximum exposure.

Twitter Marketing

Often overlooked and underappreciated, there’s still a huge market on Twitter that many businesses are failing to capitalise on. It’s still one of the best way to get short – but direct – content marketing out to mass audiences which is why big businesses commit to using it.

Social Media Management

Spending time on social media is important. Spending too much time on social media is bad for you. We work with our clients to lay out specific ways that we can help manage their social media accounts, ensuring they spend their time on running the business.

We use social media tools and analytics to grow your online reputation. By using an intelligent and informed approach, we can help you reach your target audience quicker, with a higher conversion rate, than optimism and guesswork.

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Our Social Media Services


Let us optimise your profiles to target the demographics buying the products and services you offer, getting your message further.


Want to know if what you’re doing is worth your time? We can review your social strategy and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.


Don’t want to sit and stare at Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all day? We have staff who love doing it for clients to grow their business.


Are your campaigns a bit stagnant? Failing to generate interest? We bring fresh, creative ideas designed to catch people’s attention.

Next Steps

At Cultiv8 we put our clients and their business first. We’ll work with you to understand what you want and what you need. We will create a Social Media strategy thats tailored to your audience.

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