Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you want to work with an agency that creates innovative digital strategies, gets the most from your budget, and delivers outstanding results?

We work with businesses who want to create innovative digtial marketing strategies that get the most from their budget and deliver outstanding results.

Designing your digital marketing strategy is the most important thing to get right from day one. It sets clear goals, outlines your budget, defines how your target market find your business, and how you convert them from prospective clients to full-paying customers.

We use data-driven research to create strategies that maximise sales opportunities for your business. From web design and development to SEO, social media marketing to content planning, if there’s an opportunity to get you more customers we’ll find them.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Building a Digital Strategy

If you need to increase your B2B lead generation, or want more direct B2C sales, you want a digital marketing agency who can get you there. We take a simple four-step approach to working with our customers that gives them confidence in the strategies we deliver:

Digital Audit

Our team will undertake a complete review of everything ‘digital’ relating to your business. We’ll analyse how your online presence contributes to your business growth and sales, building on the successes and identifying room for improvement to help you achieve digital transformation.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competition, and the wider marketplace, looks like can help us create a responsive and engaging digital strategy. We’ll use these insights to grow your reputation, engagement and sales across multiple online channels.

Strategy Direction

We’ll use the information and research to propose a digital marketing strategy that maps to your business and its needs. This will match your budget and ability to commit resources, detail stage-by-stage rollout, and track performance.

Audience Engagement

If your business is already performing well online, we keep momentum going by ensuring customers and prospective customers continue to find you. Our team will consider new audience opportunities and develop strategies that increase reach.

Next Steps

At Cultiv8 we put our clients and their business first. We’ll work with you to understand what you want and what you need. We will create a strategic approach that puts you in control.

Using the report we create you can decide which areas of the recommended strategy you want to implement first, establishing a roadmap and kickstarting your digital marketing strategy.

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