Free Digital Health Check

Which of the following methods does your business already use to market your business?

None of these
Social media
Mobile internet and technologies
Networking events
Retail/commercial unit (e.g. a shop)
Direct mail
Press advertising
Online advertising
Word of mouth

Which of the following ways do you use LinkedIn / Facebook to support your business?

I look for new recruits and contacts
I participate in industry groups and discussions
I post about what my business is doing
I publish opinions and content about my industry
I use Facebook / LinkedIn ads
None of these

How do you use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve the chances of people finding your website on sites such as Google?

I constantly monitor and update site content in relation to search terms
I know the key terms and have incorporated them into the site content
I think I know how people search for our site
I roughly know what SEO is but haven’t applied it to the site content
I don’t know what SEO is

Which of the following content types have you used for your business?

Interactive content
Webinar (live or recorded)
Product or services videos
Downloadable manuals or guides
Information or newsletter signups
On-site blog posts
Social media posts
Simple company and product info
None of these

How often do you publish new pieces of content/update the content on your website or on social media?

A couple of times per week
A couple of times per month
A couple of times per year

Have you used digital technology to develop your business in any of the following ways?

Controlled testing of different products or communications (‘A/B’ Split Testing)
Collecting customer feedback via website or social media
Researching and gathering market data online
Researching competitors online
None of these

Which of the following facilities or services do you have on your website?

Customer support forums
Custom or personalised content
Online tracking of orders
Order placements or payments
Product search
Online booking
Privacy policy
None of these

If you sell products online, how do you do it?

I sell some products through eBay or similar
I sell a range of products on different marketplaces
I have an online store such as Shopify, Marketo or Magento
I have a custom online store on my website
I accept enquiries through my website
None of these

Do you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in any of the following ways?

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Conversion Funnels
Behaviour Tracking
Customer Feedback
None of these

Conversion rate is a key measure of how your website is performing. What percentage of visitors to your website convert into a sale or lead?

This is a key measurement that we monitor regularly
I have a gut feel for how well the website performs
I don’t know or we don’t measure this

General Data Protection Regulation has recently been updated. What steps have you taken to make sure your business complies?

Audit of website data collection
Review of data capture opt-in
Reviewed data storage and retention policy
Updated all non-compliant systems
None of these

How do you capture key contact details of potential customers and your existing customers and use it to promote your business?

All potential customers or leads are stored in a database or mailing list
New leads end up in my email inbox
We use manual index cards or store contact details in my phone
We don’t

Which of the following software do you use to manage your business?

Quickbooks / Xero / Sage
CRM - Hubspot / Salesforce / Marketo
Office 365 / Google Docs
Appointment booking systems
Bespoke / custom software
None of these

How do you bring a new product or service to market?

Start small and iterate based on feedback
Use market research to gauge the demand
Invest heavily in product / service development prior to release to market
Not applicable

How do you keep your finger on the pulse of your business?

I have a real-time automated dashboard of key indicators covering all aspects of my business
My team manually produce reports for key indicators
I always stay really close to my business so inherently know what’s happening

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